General Ray Nagin

So CNN”s down in New Orleans for Mardi Gras – and doing a good job overall of not letting the world forget about the city – and this morning rounded up an interview with Mayor Ray Nagin.

Ray was getting ready for the Zulu parade and was all decked out in his costume.

General Ray Nagin

That”s right. Ray decided to dress up as a 4-Star Army General for Mardi Gras.

Now, dressing up in a costume for Mardi Gras is normal, even for city bigwigs. And Nagin told Soledad O”Brien his costume was a tribute to General Russel Honore – the “John Wayne dude” that saved the city and gave Nagin his one positive moment (praising Honore early) during the flood.

So why, then, does Ray”s “uniform” have the name “Nagin” on it? Call me cynical, but could this be the ultimate cheap trick of New Orleans politics? Does Ray think all those displaced New Orleanians who will cast absentee ballots in April will see him in that “uniform” and start thinking about him differently?

In his interview, Nagin claimed credit for the money Gov. Blanco has won for New Orleans and the reforms Gov. Blanco got through the legislature this month, so he”s obviously pulling out all the stops.

Is the General Nagin outfit the Hail Mary of his campaign?

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