If chicken is all you have, you protect your chicken

The AJC (sorry, no link to places that require you to give them a fake email address in order to read stories) has a feature this morning on upgrades happening in company cafeterias across Atlanta. The lead is amusing, but not in the way the AJC intended:

There is at least one inviolate rule at UPS headquarters in Atlanta: Cafe 55, the in-house cafeteria, serves fried chicken on Wednesday.

Every Wednesday.

The one time that food service manager Peter Glakas tried another midweek special, he had 32 e-mails waiting for him after lunch. Some were angry, some pleading, but the corporate managerial staff had spoken: Don”t mess with my chicken.

I don”t know if the line “there is at least one inviolate rule at UPS headquarters” is a nod to the hellishly-restrictive environment at UPS headquarters, but it”s sure an understatement. It”s well known around the Atlanta work scene that employees at UPS headquarters can”t bring food or drinks to their desks, can”t have personal items at their desks, have to clean and straighten their desks every day and suffer through countless other restrictions aimed at maintaining a “professional” workplace. And forget about a casual-dress environment: UPS HQ employees not only have to wear a tie a jacket to work; when they get up from their desks and move around, their jackets must be on.

There”s a former UPS worker who sits by me at work; and whenever I hear somebody talking about our place being “corporate” or restrictive, I get him to chime in with a UPS story.

During times of job dissatisfaction, I”ve seen UPS website openings pop up, but I”ve never been desperate enough to seek out a position in such a horrible environment.

And you really have to wonder how smart or qualified the people who would put up with such crap really are.

But at least they get chicken on Wednesdays.

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