Even the cool places are lame

I”m beginning to figure out that HDNet is largely a platform to show off hot chicks. Of course, Get Out! is a staple of the DVR and if you check out the HDNet schedule, you”ll notice a lot of things like “Bikini Destinations”, “Hawaiian Tropic Viva El Springbreak” and “A Caribbean Workout 2003″. I wholeheartedly endorse this approach to HD programming. There”s only so much fun to be had watching HD sharks and stuff on Discovery.

Another hottie-filled HDNet program is “Art Mann Presents”. The concept – some guy named Art Mann goes to a random city and shoots hotties in HD, pretending he”s doing a travel show. I”m not really a fan of the show since pretty much all the hotties are these dumb but beautiful look-alike Buckhead-type girls. Just not my thing.

But I decided to pick up an episode filmed in Austin figuring there”d be a good chance it might feature tattooed freak/hot Austin chicks. But no. It turns out for all its ultra-coolness, Austin is still chock-full of the aforementioned Buckhead-type girls, and apparently that”s all that attracts HD cameras. Here we see a bit of the lake segment, which featured the “young and beautiful” crowd getting stupid drunk on boats and shaking their asses as if they weren”t white kids with more money than sense.

Apart from a couple of normal chicks (read: real tits) and one really hot bimbo in a pink bikini and black cowboy hat, there wasn”t much of interest at the lake.

That segment went on for way too long, and it was followed by the “club scene” segment. No, they didn”t go to some dank place featuring live music. Just your typical “hot” club with over-dressed, over-decorated girls, stupid guys with gelled hair and black dress shirts and loud, bad music.

But somehow in the mess of Austin”s club scene, they managed to find one great, typical Austin dude. Click play on the video below to get his classic comment.

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