See if you can pick out the AJC headline

OK, newshounds, see if you can figure out which of these headlines (all from the exact same AP story on today”s job figures) came from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution”s “Business” section: – Unemployment Rate Declines in January

- Payrolls grow, unemployment drops
- US Jobless Rate Dips To 4.7%
- Payrolls Grow By 193,000, Unemployment Rate Drops To 4.7 Percent
- Unemployment Rate Drops
- Payrolls grow by 193,000, jobless rate drops to 4.7%
- Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest Rate Since July 2001

- Payrolls grow only by 193,000; jobless rate drops to 4.7%
- US payrolls grow by 193,000, unemployment rate drops to 4.7 percent
- Unemployment rate sags
- Hiring up in January; unemployment the lowest since July 2001
- Jobless rate drops to 4.7 percent in January

If you live in Atlanta, you know it has to be “Payrolls grow only by 193,000; jobless rate drops to 4.7%”. How could the AJC not put the “only” qualifier in their headline when a Republican is in office? I”m surprised there wasn”t a subhead that read “Millions of poor, black still unemployed”.

What”s really interesting is that “Payrolls grow by 193,000″ is a headline that appears in a number of Google News-enabled sources, so it looks like the AJC may have gone out of its way to add “only” to something that came across their wire.

It”s also interesting that the AJC decided to blow out their own page layout ( is designed as a fixed-width page) to get “only” in there. Note how the headline wraps “4.7%” to a second line – something that normally would be a Cardinal sin in Journalismland:

Back before it was so damned easy (thanks, Google News!) to see how a bunch of different sources are treating the same wire story, the AJC”s fantastic bias wasn”t quite to easy to spot sometimes.

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