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General Ray Nagin

So CNN”s down in New Orleans for Mardi Gras – and doing a good job overall of not letting the world forget about the city – and this morning rounded up an interview with Mayor Ray Nagin. Ray was getting ready for the Zulu parade and was all decked out in his costume. General Ray [...]

Lie. Cheat. Steal.

I don”t know how Mardi Gras will end up shaking out for New Orleans this year – hopefully it”ll hit the reduced expectations and show tourism to be viable down there again – but the season ending at the six-month mark after Katrina makes it a good time to think about the city moving from [...]

Powerball reporting

OK, this is minor in the grand scheme of things, but it irritates me that the media seems clueless as to some really basic concepts of income and taxation when it comes to this big Powerball jackpot winner. On CNN and in papers across the country (thanks to the Associated Press story), the winner”s net [...]

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices – The Big Point Missed

The wife and I just watched WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Prices, the much-acclaimed documentary about everybody”s favorite corporate bully. What a supreme waste of an opportunity. Heavy on emotion, light on facts and completely devoid of analysis, the film surely painted Wal-Mart as a bad player – and it is. The company uses [...]

The state of bigotry

Judging from my conversation with a good-ole-boy exterminator today, Georgia rednecks have mostly adjusted to using the word “blacks” – rather than their former chosen derogatory term – when talking about “all the blacks around here” with a complete stranger. However, they still don”t seem to have a problem using Asian slurs – such as [...]

The secret world of a digital TV

A couple of months ago, the “replace lamp” indicator on my LG DLP televison came on, so I had Best Buy come out and replace it. [editor"s note: The Cap"n doesn"t normally buy "extended protection plans", but Best Buy covers lamp replacement on digital projection sets - a $100+ part - so I"ll get my [...]

If chicken is all you have, you protect your chicken

The AJC (sorry, no link to places that require you to give them a fake email address in order to read stories) has a feature this morning on upgrades happening in company cafeterias across Atlanta. The lead is amusing, but not in the way the AJC intended: There is at least one inviolate rule at [...]

Netflix – you are on notice

It”s come to light that Netflix has made it official policy and a term of use that “In determining priority for shipping and inventory allocation, we give priority to those members who receive the fewest DVDs through our service.” What that means is heavy users (those who rent and return movies most quickly) will: a) [...]


If you”re the super-cool type who has Flickr slideshows running on your desktop through the Google Desktop Sidebar or – if you”re a extra-super-cool Mac user – Tickr for Flickr, it”s not a great idea to run the neworleans tag at work this time of year. But at home … it”s quite fun.

Mardi Gras Math

Now that we”re heading in to Mardi Gras season proper, I”m starting to see more articles taking a close look at the tourism situation in New Orleans. For whatever reason, the basic math questions have largely been ignored up to this point. Such as: If New Orleans had 38,000 hotel rooms before Katrina, how many [...]

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