The trouble with being so damned offensive

I posted a comment over at Metroblogging Atlanta Friday about the “McMansion” controversy here in town, and a couple of hours later got this comment through the fancy new Contact The Cap”n email form:

Nice comments on the zoning issues. You sound intelligent but I lost total respect after checking out your lame perv webpage. It seems you give a little more respect to real estate issues then how to treat people right. Your life would probably be a lot more enjoyable if you actually liked your wife or pretended to and weren”t such a big perv. Nice going , buddy.

Damn, you”re really going to have to narrow that down, pal. This brave soul (in Miami, apparently) didn”t see fit to include an actual email address with his note, so I”m left to ponder which post or posts left my new friend with such distain for The Cap”n.

My logs show he never made it past the first page, so it had to be something recent. He knows I”m married and was at The Wisdom for 10 minutes and 40 seconds, so I guess he spent some time reading. The two “perv” references give an indication of where his outrage lies. But the only slightly perverted thing that would have been on the homepage during his visit was my reference to that smokin-hot Miss Georgia in Breaking News: 72,000 coal miners not trapped yesterday. But that”s hardly a “perv” thing (at least by my high perv standards). No, the Get Out! girls weren”t on the homepage today.

So I”m thinking the “perv” stuff was a red herring facilitated by my reference to that smokin-hot Miss Georgia (24-year-old Monica Pang of Conyers, by the way). I get the feeling the “treat people right” part is what really set him off.

And I”ve cornered the market in not treating people right. Maybe it was my insensitivity toward those two trapped miners. Or Miss Montana”s wardrobe. Or the Securities and Exchange Commission. Or that greedy old bitch in Buckhead. Or USC fans. Or Soledad O”Brien. It”s been a busy month, so it”s really hard to say.

If my new friend had left an actual email address, my reply back would have included the standard Wisdom disclaimer – which I guess I should re-post here on the site:

WARNING: The Wisdom is not for the weak of spirit, faint of heart, feeble of mind or those who are sickly, portly, barren, jaundiced, lactose-intolerant, ugly or spastic. Consult your physician before reading.

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