The Mooney Suzuki goes commercial

If you”re super-cool, you know of The Mooney Suzuki. But even if you”re super-lame, chances are you”ve heard some of their music.

For a rather obscure – but totally rockin” – band, The MooSuz have managed to leverage themselves into a few high-profile placements.

Ever see School of Rock? The kids in the band sounded so good because The Mooney Suzuki provided “additional instrumentation” on the track – which was co-written by MooSuz frontman Sammy James, Jr.

They apparently have struck a friendship with Jack Black, who also appears in a video of theirs.

I figured their School of Rock gig might just be random happenstance between Jack Black and some hipster friends.

But a few months ago I heard a familiar tune in a new car ad. MooSuz”s “Alive & Amplified” had been picked up for use in – appropriately – a Suzuki commercial. It”s the one where a guy steps out of his front door and BASE jumps down to his Suzuki SUV to go to work. Aside from the handy naming coincidence, it”s a great tie in, as this dude is obviously both alive and amped up enough to jump off a cliff to get to his SUV.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a spot for TGIFriday”s (or Chili”s, etc. – not sure which) that uses MooSuz”s “In A Young Man”s Mind” from their older Electric Sweat album. Since the spot isn”t for “Mooney”s Restaurant”, there had to be more of an effort to get the song placed in this commercial.

MooSuz is a New York band, and a lot of ad agencies are based in New York, so maybe there are ad types who dig the band and thought it would be cool to use their stuff. Or maybe MooSuz just has the best manager in the business.

Either way, this is a lot of play for a pretty obscure band. And I wholeheartedly endorse the use of good, obscure bands in big ad campaigns.

Might I suggest the Boss Martians” “Heard What You Said” or Rocket From The Crypt”s “Can You Hear It?” for the next Verizon campaign?

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