How I dealt with the postal rate increase

The AJC has a story this morning about how the postal rate increase took people by surprise yesterday. I”d link to the story, but the AJC makes you register a fake email address to read stories, so here”s the lead:

Post office customers lined up to buy 2-cent stamps Monday, the first business day since a rate increase raised first-class stamps to 39 cents from 37 cents.

“I come here every day and I didn”t know an increase was coming until I tried to mail a letter with an old stamp,” said Quanesha Lewis, 21, who has a post office box at Atlanta”s downtown Phoenix station. “A lot people are going to be surprised — just like me.”

Believe it or not, The Cap”n got caught up in the postal rate increase thing yesterday as well. In the course of a year, I doubt if I mail 10 things I have to put postage on (I mail a lot of NetFlix DVDs back and send a few postage-paid deposits to NetBank, though), but yesterday I needed to send off the final payment on the wife”s Santa Fe (it was, of course, on an auto-pay, but the stupid finance company lacks the ability to adjust the final payment to less than the normal monthly payment, so I needed to originate a payment from my end. Normally, I”d send a check through NetBank online, but I wanted to make sure the account was correctly noted and all that. Thus a physical check in the mail).

I had one 37-cent stamp left (I buy stamps 10 at a time), so I swung by the East Atlanta P.O. on the way to work. It was just about to open and sure enough there was a line of people, apparently waiting to buy 2-cent stamps. My solution? Pop 40 cents into the single-stamp machine, buy another 37-cent stamp (the P.O. hadn”t swapped them with 39-cent ones yet) and send the payment off with 74 cents of postage on it.

I don”t know about you, but I”m more than happy to over-pay on my rare postage purchase by 35 cents to not stand in line for 30 minutes.

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