Year-end football polls

LSU”s finished No. 5 in the coaches” poll and No. 6 in the AP in the final polls released today. This was pretty much a slide-up move with the teams ranked 5 – 9 all losing in their bowls.

If I wanted to pick a fight with the AP for jumping West Virginia ahead of us, I could. But there”s not too huge of a difference in finishing 6th (except for the whole “Top 5 finish” thing), and since newspaper writers vote on that, I imagine WVA got some sympathy votes because of those dead miners.

And there”s some solid logic that would go in to ranking the team that beat Georgia ahead of the team that lost to Georgia. I might argue that LSU beat the teams ranked No. 8, No. 12, No. 14 and No. 17 in their poll while WVA only beat No. 19 and therefore the Tigers deserved to be ranked higher. But WVA”s one loss was to No. 7 while LSU lost to No. 10 and No. 103 (that would be Tennessee).

So congratulations to Leslie on his 1987. We”ll see how his 1988s – 1990s go.

By the way, what a hell of a game last night. I can”t say I was sorry to see USC lose their four-peat bid.

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