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Wisdom Mystery: Who’s that commenter?

A comment came in to The Wisdom tonight on my Fridge Pack 2.0 piece: Fantasic work. I am sure it is just a matter of time before the mainstream media picks up this story and runs with it. Perhaps you can help me figure out a few more pressing soda issues. Do Coke and Pepsi [...]

Fridge Pack 2.0

I drink a lot of Coke Zero. Kroger”s “Limit 6 with additional $15 purchase” policy during Coca-Cola sales is aimed directly at me. One time, I actually took $15 worth of stuff out of my cart and came back for it just so I could get another 6 Fridge Packs. It was a really good [...]

The trouble with being so damned offensive

I posted a comment over at Metroblogging Atlanta Friday about the “McMansion” controversy here in town, and a couple of hours later got this comment through the fancy new Contact The Cap”n email form: Nice comments on the zoning issues. You sound intelligent but I lost total respect after checking out your lame perv webpage. [...]

Miss America missed America

The wife and I sat down to watch Miss America last night – mostly so I could ogle the hot ones and we could both make fun of the horsey, cockeyed, big-foreheaded and otherwise less-than-perfect ones. When the cut went from 10 to 5 (sadly eliminating Miss Florida, who we”d hoped to see in the [...]

Government wants more porn in "family tier" cable packages

OK, that”s not technically correct, but how fucking ridiculous is it that certain U.S. Senators are now complaining that “family tier” cable TV packages leave out ESPN? Can you blame cable executives – who are currently cowering under the notion that the government might start regulating them if Little Johnny sees a tit now and [...]

Why Google vs. DOJ matters

Whether it was because of their “don”t be evil” thing or the more typical practice of guarding “trade secrets”, hats off to Google for telling the U.S. Government to stuff their subpoenas of URLs and query terms where the sun don”t shine. Maybe on its face there”s not a privacy concern with giving the feds [...]

Breaking News: 72,000 coal miners not trapped yesterday

Oh how I long for a day when the major media would focus on reporting major news. But no such luck in modern America. Because a dozen coal miners got killed a couple of weeks ago, “miners trapped” gets top billing pretty much across the board. Never mind that the “news” today is about two [...]

The Mooney Suzuki goes commercial

If you”re super-cool, you know of The Mooney Suzuki. But even if you”re super-lame, chances are you”ve heard some of their music. For a rather obscure – but totally rockin” – band, The MooSuz have managed to leverage themselves into a few high-profile placements. Ever see School of Rock? The kids in the band sounded [...]

Another reason to not have cable TV

The lazy monopoly cable company here in Atlanta is Comcast, and their current pitch involves their “on demand” service: Forget TV schedules. With ON DEMAND, programs start when you say so. A movie at 12:15. HBO’s hot new show at 7:06. Kids shows that start when you need them to. Do-it-yourself programming at 7:00 am. [...]

Executive pay disclosure rules

It looks like the SEC (The Securities & Exchange Commission, not the NCAA”s best conference) may push ahead with this plan to require “total cost” disclosures for public company executives. The idea here is that requiring public companies to declare a single, total compensation number for its executives will somehow keep executive pay in check. [...]

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