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Ah, Marketing

The great thing about selling products stupid people buy – say, GM vehicles (no offense, TCL. That Oldsmobuick of yours is a fine ride) – is that often times your marketing promotions don”t even have to make sense. Witness the GM Red Tag Event. At its heart, this is basically a year-end clearance event. They”ve [...]

The high point of Leslie’s career

It came shortly after 6 p.m. Eastern time last night, when LSU won the coin toss at the SEC Championship Game. At that moment, Les Miles peaked. His team was 10-1 and ranked No. 4 in the BCS. But that was the top. During the next four hours, Miles was truly exposed for what he [...]

I really wonder about people sometimes

Can it actually be that someone seriously posted this as a comment to one of my BCS posts? “your an idiot captn ken“ The irony of such a stupid person commenting about me being an idiot is so special, it makes me wonder if this person is actually this stupid, or if they”re trying to [...]

The Wisdom household – now in HD

It took watching just one LSU game in HD over at TCL”s swinging Buckhead bachelor pad to convince me I needed to take the High-Def plunge in time for the SEC Championship game and bowl season (yes, I”ll be at the SEC CG, but having HD will still come in handy. More on that below). [...]


This is a crappy picture, but this billboard is currently living across the street from my office on Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta. It was put up by LSU and a group of businesses that operate in Louisiana including Cox Communications, Oshner and Verizon. Especially given the fact that Atlanta is completely filthy with UGA [...]

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