Livin it up at the Hotel CaliFEMA

So it looks like FEMA”s post-Katrina hotel guests will get yet another month of taxpayer-paid lodging, with the mandatory move-out now pushed to Feb. 7.

That”ll be roughly five months in residence for those displaced by Katrina who haven”t managed to find their own place to live.

At this point, I”d like to remind everybody that the “E” in FEMA stands for “Emergency”, not “Entitlement”.

The “emergency” ended for residents of New Orleans and Mississippi when they found themselves high and dry with a roof over their heads. For many, that”s when a very big “problem” began, but we”re not talking about the Federal Problem Management Agency.

Get them out; get them safe. That should be the mission of FEMA when it comes to individuals. From there, whatever individual assistance is needed should come from “human services” agencies.

After everybody is safe, FEMA should concentrate 100% of its efforts on cleanup and rebuilding efforts in the disaster-affected areas.

There is still a very real “emergency” going on in New Orleans and across coastal Mississippi, and every minute FEMA officials spend counting people at the Motel 6 in Atlanta is a minute not spent on recovery in the disaster area.

Why isn”t Housing and Urban Development the federal agency handling the housing needs of displaced Katrina victims? FEMA should be concerned about housing only if it means restoring housing in the affected areas. It does an evacuee good to have a trailer in Jackson, La., but it does nothing for New Orleans.

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