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How sad is this?

The wife IMs me a bit ago and says “hey, my boss has two Peach Bowl tickets for you if you”re interested.” I”ve been an LSU fan going on 30 years now. I was at the Sugar Bowl two years ago. I was at Sugar Bowls in the 1980s when we got the shit kicked [...]

Credit cards are not evil

I have to take Carol Costello to task for something she said on CNN”s American Morning today. Following a story on credit card spending this holiday season, she made this statement: “It”s always good when people don”t use credit cards.” What a load of horseshit. I have to assume that her statement comes from the [...]

A great book about why New Orleans is (or was) the way it is (or was)

This ain”t the New York Times books section, so I”ll spare you all a review – but if you have a real interest in understanding how New Orleans came to be the city it is (or was), I highly recommend New Orleans: The Making of an Urban Landscape.

Don’t get me started

The in-laws had a little Christmas night gathering Sunday in which the topic of conversation finally rolled around to Katrina damage on the gulf coast. The wife and I talked about our trip through Waveland and the unimaginable level of destruction there. But instead of the standard “yeah, it was really bad” stuff, I got [...]

"Family Tier" cable programming

So Comcast has jumped on the “family-friendly” programming bandwagon. This trend (Time Warner cable announced a similar thing last week) bugs the crap out of me, but not because I think kids should watch more porn. What bothers me is what this says about parental responsibility in the U.S. It”s very easy, of course, to [...]

New hurricane rating system needed

There”s word out today that Katrina was “weaker” than first thought when it struck the Louisiana / Mississippi border. The final analysis showed it came ashore as just a Category 3 hurricane. Measurements in New Orleans showed peak winds of just 95 miles per hour. The initial reaction from this revelation has been that it [...]

Lucky? or dumb?

A couple of weeks ago, a For Sale sign went up next door to The Wisdom household. The house, like ours, was built in 2001 and is quite a nice place. Unlike our house, it”s owned by a man who has a lot of money and who”s made it a showplace. It was already a [...]


Dear people in charge of RSS feeds at This is not a helpful news snippet: And while I appreciate your early adoption of RSS, you”re no longer the only game in town.

Livin it up at the Hotel CaliFEMA

So it looks like FEMA”s post-Katrina hotel guests will get yet another month of taxpayer-paid lodging, with the mandatory move-out now pushed to Feb. 7. That”ll be roughly five months in residence for those displaced by Katrina who haven”t managed to find their own place to live. At this point, I”d like to remind everybody [...]

Tulane’s mess

To give you an idea of how the flood is altering the very fabric of New Orleans – and as a reminder to any of you who may think everything is just fine down there now – Tulane announced yesterday a sweeping recovery plan that “strengthens and focuses the university”s academic mission while strategically addressing [...]

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