New Orleans, 89 days after

The wife and I ventured down to New Orleans the Saturday after Thanksgiving, primarily to try to spend some money with businesses that are open, but we ended up on a rambling tour of the city.

I haven”t had the time to write my opus on the trip, but as it turns out, Daniella was there the same day and wrote a piece that captures my thoughts and amplifies them as only a New Orleans native could.

Read Daniella”s piece here.

One thing I”d like to note:

The French Quarter looks near normal, and there were plenty of tourists around. I doubt, however, that too many of those tourists realize the city isn”t back to normal and just a few miles away it”s a vacant and destroyed wasteland.

This came into sharp focus as I was standing outside an art store in the Quarter talking to my friend Dave on the phone. While tourists waited for horse-carriage rides at Jackson Square and ate beignets across the street at Cafe Du Monde, Dave was back at his house in Lakeview, trying to finish up salvaging what he and his wife could and throwing the rest of the crap into a trash heap on the sidewalk. Something about having their house demolished with their (ruined) stuff still inside just seems wrong to them.

I”d like to propose that all cabs coming from the airport be required to take a route through Lakeview so the tourists can see what the city is really like.

I have, by the way some photos up on my Flickr site if you”re interested.

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