Obligatory BCS post

After witnessing LSU”s pathetic performance (in person) against Arkansas Friday – Fire Les Miles – I feel any talk of BCS standings is meaningless at this point. Barring 45 – 0 blowouts by UCLA and Colorado this weekend, LSU has no shot at The Rose Bowl, and we don”t deserve one.

I will note, however, that the human polls are getting closer in line with the more accurate computer rankings, as LSU lost points in both human polls and got passed by Penn State in the human Harris poll. Personally, I believe the human pollsters are looking to align their rankings with the overall BCS rather than taking a hard look at performances, but the result is the same.

LSU did move up to No. 7 in the computer rankings, which is about right when you consider we”ve beaten the teams ranked 11, 16 and 20, but those wins were for the most part sheer dumb luck.

That”s not to say we don”t have a good shot against Georgia this weekend; mostly because the Bulldogs looked about as bad as we did in the season-ended Saturday.

If we decide to play pressure defense and use a real offense, I like our chances. I”m not sure I like our chances of actually playing pressure defense and using a real offense, however.

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