Stupid humans

Well, that”s what I get for assuming things about humans.

The new BCS rankings are out, and not only did LSU not pass Penn State; we are now even farther behind them, and Virginia Tech is hot on our heels.

So what happened? LSU didn”t gain any ground in the computer rankings, as we fell in three of the six rankings and gained in one. We”re still ranked 8 in the computers, but lost .020 points.

But the big shift came in the human polls. With Miami losing, it was time to shuffle points between Penn State, LSU and Virginia Tech (the three one-loss teams remaining at the top of the polls). Virginia Tech gained a huge 168 points in the human Harris poll and 109 in the human USA Today poll. Hard to argue with that after they rolled up a decent Virginia team 52-14.

So I got no beef with the humans thinking more of Virginia Tech after this weekend. But let”s look at how the humans view Penn State and LSU.

To recap the weekend:

- Penn State beat 5-6 Michigan State 31-22, thanks in large part to Michigan State throwing four interceptions (MSU out-gained Penn State by nearly 100 yards).

- LSU beat 3-7 Ole Miss 40-7 in a evenly-played game (two turnovers by both teams). LSU held Ole Miss to 150 total yards (including a total of 7 yards rushing) while rolling up 374 yards of offense.

LSU had a better win against a worse team. In my mind, the two games should be more or less a wash.

The human polls, however, see things differently. In the human Harris poll, Penn State picked up 152 points of the void left by Miami”s loss. LSU picked up 87. In the human USA Today poll, Penn State picked up 93 points and LSU picked up 52.

I”ll grant that it didn”t help having Tennessee (the only team to beat LSU this year) lose to Vanderbilt the same day. But I think what”s really at work is a little handjob for Joe Pa (if, in fact, the old man can still benefit from such a thing).

The human voters appear to be swept up in the love of the reborn Paterno and are determined to help push him toward whatever glory he can attain this year before – hopefully – drifting off to a nursing home somewhere next year.

And LSU is caught in an AARP bias.

With Penn State on the sidelines (since they don”t play in a real conference), LSU needs to take things into their own hand – control their own destiny, as it were – and rip the asses off of Arkansas and then Georgia if we want to have any chance of stepping in if and when USC or Texas falls in the next couple of weeks.

Stupid humans.

[editor"s note: Despite his contempt for and eagerness to deride the human polls, Cap"n Ken still does not believe LSU deserves to be the No. 3 team in the country. He is more in agreement with the BCS computers, which place LSU at No. 8. However, he"d take another national championship shot, whether deserved or not.]

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