A safe house for my little friend

Ever since my new iPod with Video arrived a few weeks ago, I haven”t used it all that much. See, except for the flimsy little pouch that shipped with it, my iPod has been unprotected. And like a tourist in Haiti, I”ve been really concerned about having too much unprotected fun.

I”ve been watching iPod blogs and other sources to see when somebody would come out with a Video version of a tight silicon skin. I had an iSkin case for KenPod1 and really liked it, so I”d been hoping iSkin would get on the stick and build a Video version, but they”re only this week promoting a December ship date for their next generation iSkin eVo.

Last week, however, I came across a bit on a Video housing that”s actually shipping – the SpeckProducts Tough Skin. And while I”m not all that crazy about the Goodyear tread pattern look, the first mover definately has my attention here.

The Tough Skin arrived today, and I quickly slipped KenPod2 into his new home. He likes it, and I can keep him safe and sound.

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