At least they didn’t pick Alicia Silverstone

Big news, Tiger fans and sports lovers of all ages: The LSU baseball team has named the members of the 2006 Bat Girls.

No, Bat Girl isn”t a euphemism. The gals fetch bats at chase foul balls at games and are basically the baseball version of cheerleaders. By “cheerleader”, of course, I mean cute girls to look at during boring parts of the game.

But for my money, Bat Girls carry more appeal than cheerleaders. For starters, most of them haven”t spent ten years of their lives trying to be Bat Girls; fixing their hair and makeup just like all the other Bat Girls they”ve seen on TV, etc. There”s just something a little robotic about a cheerleader.

Plus, Bat Girls have to be quick on their feet. Airhead Bat Girls are quickly thinned from the ranks by foul balls.

And there”s just something more girl-next-door about Bat Girls; even in the potluck sense. Bat Girls run the range from sweet to sexy; homely to hot.

Leave it to the mightly LSU baseball program, of course, to pull together a whopping 30-member squad. And we don”t call them “Diamond Darlings”, “Baseball Babes”, “Homer Honeys” or anything stupid like that. LSU Bat Girls. I dig it.

For your reference, here”s the 2005 squad:

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