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A better plan for reviving New Orleans

Desperate to lure back tourists and raise badly-needed cash, Mayor Ray Nagin is proposing a plan to expand gambling in New Orleans” tourist district. I don”t like it. I didn”t like it when New Orleans opened its one land-based casino, either. Unlike Las Vegas or the Mississippi coast, the Crescent City didn”t need gambling to [...]

Fucking bastards

So I was out in Palo Alto tonight having a very nice dinner with my very nice co-workers and very nice people from the very nice company I work a lot with. My co-worker and I don”t get too far down the road before I realize there”s a little too much wind coming in to [...]

Our New Orleans trip

Loyal Wisdom readers who also read the wife”s not-often-enough updated site may have seen her complete report of our trip, so I”ll spare you all a re-hash of the play-by-play. But some Wisdom is definitely due. Our swing through Waveland was not planned, so we weren”t really prepared for what we saw. That may have [...]

Fire Les Miles

One good win over one bad team doesn”t change anything. We”ll end up firing this guy someday. Might as well go ahead and get it done.

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