BCS Mission: Impossible

So much for BCS watching for the year. The big shuffle that happened this week – Texas passing USC, Miami and UCLA passing LSU – pretty much slams the door on the faint glimmer of hope that LSU might could possibly somehow crawl up to No. 2 in the BCS.

My earlier analysis about Alabama and Georgia still holds true, as both of those teams stand in LSU”s way this year and will either be shoved aside – if LSU wins the game – or dash the Tigers” hopes – if the other team wins – as the season rolls on.

But now – and rightfully so, in my mind – LSU has fallen behind two other teams to No. 8.

The tricky part is that UCLA and Miami are the teams that have the best shot at knocking off No. 2 (USC) and No. 3 (Virginia Tech). So the chances of both UCLA and Miami losing other games and still beating USC and Virginia Tech are remote, to say the least.

But that”s fine. Let”s play this mother for the SEC title and a Sugar Bowl appearance in my backyard.

And, by the way, the BCS is working properly when Texas jumps ahead of USC after the Horns” win over Texas Tech. The computers know better than the humans which teams at any given time are the best.

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