Fire Les Miles

You know, other than jackass Leslie actually standing out on the field when Auburn kicked their would-be game-winning field goal (he could have been called for unsportsmanlike conduct – giving Auburn 15 yards and an extra shot), I don”t have a lot of things to complain about from yesterday”s game, coaching-wise. But I gotta keep that top spot for fire les miles, and thus my consistent headline.

Don”t get me wrong – I still see bad things in the future for LSU under Leslie. But he”s got the talent to overcome his abilities right now, so let”s roll with it. I”m getting sick, however of people comparing Leslie”s first-year record to that of Nick Saban and/or throwing out stats like Leslie being the most successful first-year LSU coach since Mike Archer.

See, Nick Saban took over a program in trouble. Of course he wouldn”t have a great first year. And Mike Archer was the last LSU coach to take over for a guy we didn”t fire, so of course that was the last time a coach would have started off with a good year.

LSU is loaded with talent, thanks in large part to Nick Saban. We”re winning despite Leslie, not because of him. Those days will end.

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