Microsoft loyalty

When things slow down around the Wisdom household, I like to pass the time browsing my traffic logs to see how people find their Wisdom. Among the many “fire les miles” and “Bill Hemmer” search queries that make up the bulk of traffic these days, sometimes amusing stuff pops up.

There”s the user from Nyack, New York who searched for “who the fuck are you” (not stereotypical or anything); the person from Baton Rouge looking for information on “MRE menu no. 10″ (I guess he has a few left over); and an Aussie trying to learn more about Morgan Spurlock”s “30 Days” (it must be airing down there now).

But my favorite today is this one:

For those of you who don”t speak URL or DNS, here”s the deal with this visitor – it”s somebody on Microsoft”s corporate network searching for information about Dell charging sales tax (the actual query – not shown here – was “which state dell doesn”t charge tax”). But the amusing part is that this Microsoft person was using Google, not their own company”s much-hyped new search engine. The “navclient” tag also means the person was using Google”s Toolbar, apparently favoring it over the MSN Toolbar. At least the person is using Internet Explorer, not Firefox … and the search was for a Windows PC, not a Mac.

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