Well, pisser

So the new iPod being rolled out is the video one, not an 80GB one:

The video iPod is available in 30 and 60 GB capacities – and both are thinner than the current 20GB Pod. 30GB will be $299, 60GB will be $399. UK prices will be confirmed later. And did we mention it was available in black? Oh yes, and it comes with a case, so don”t worry about scratches!

I”m not sure I give a rat”s ass about watching video on an iPod (I sure don”t care about buying music videos for $1.99 each). Although if the EyeTV hooked up to my Mac Mini can grab TV from the DVR and put it on the iPod, that would be cool …

But I”d prefer 80GB. Keep the color screen, pictures and video. This thing”s supposed to be for playing music, right?

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