LSU means network

After getting my laptop and iPod stolen last week, I almost forgot about an experience I had earlier that day.

While waiting for troops to gather for a meeting, I was watching a display of random search queries being made on a popular search engine. Among the list of truly random stuff people were looking for was this query:

LSU means network

Hmm. To me LSU means football; LSU means Tuesday night drink specials; LSU means cute girls with dark hair and olive skin. But “LSU means network”? What”s that about?

In the search world, intent is king. The problem is, most people do a really poor job of structuring their queries to meet their intent. So until technology gets to the point of out-thinking humans (it”s getting close to out-thinking the dumber ones), the intent of something as ambiguous as LSU means network can be a real head-scratcher.

Maybe the intent of that query was to learn more about SuperMike, LSU”s supercomputer that leverages powerful networking to achieve amazing speeds at a bargain price.

Maybe it”s trying to get at the idea that LSU graduates need to network to get ahead after school. Lord knows the education itself won”t get you too far.

Or perhaps the searcher was a Vandy fan trying to figure out who was showing the game Saturday night. “We”re playing LSU, so that means the network showing the game will be …”

I dunno, but it left me wondering.

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