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BCS Mission: Impossible

So much for BCS watching for the year. The big shuffle that happened this week – Texas passing USC, Miami and UCLA passing LSU – pretty much slams the door on the faint glimmer of hope that LSU might could possibly somehow crawl up to No. 2 in the BCS. My earlier analysis about Alabama [...]


Friday was a good day. My new iPod (60GB with Video) arrived just before 10 a.m. So a lot of my weekend was spent playing with my shiny new toy. My time, of course, was spent mucking around with video. For those of you who may care, observations on some different tactics for getting video [...]

Fire Les Miles

You know, other than jackass Leslie actually standing out on the field when Auburn kicked their would-be game-winning field goal (he could have been called for unsportsmanlike conduct – giving Auburn 15 yards and an extra shot), I don”t have a lot of things to complain about from yesterday”s game, coaching-wise. But I gotta keep [...]

LSU and the BCS (again)

Attention LSU Fans / Les Haters (or even Les lovers, if any of you exist): This is an old post, yo. You probably got here from Google. So get the up-to-date LSU Wisdom here I think it”s indicative of the sense of pending doom with Les Miles at the wheel that there”s not a lot [...]

Fire Les Miles

Fourteen penalties; 133 yards. Four turnovers. That was last week against Vandy. Eleven penalties; 84 yards. Five turnovers. That was this week against Florida. Yet Leslie insists he”s working on fixing his bad coaching. “We”ll get this thing fixed,” Miles said, seething. “I look forward to it. It”ll be a lot of fun coaching this [...]

Microsoft loyalty

When things slow down around the Wisdom household, I like to pass the time browsing my traffic logs to see how people find their Wisdom. Among the many “fire les miles” and “Bill Hemmer” search queries that make up the bulk of traffic these days, sometimes amusing stuff pops up. There”s the user from Nyack, [...]

Well, pisser

So the new iPod being rolled out is the video one, not an 80GB one: The video iPod is available in 30 and 60 GB capacities – and both are thinner than the current 20GB Pod. 30GB will be $299, 60GB will be $399. UK prices will be confirmed later. And did we mention it [...]

Well, if you have to get your iPod stolen …

… this might be a pretty nice time for it to happen. 80GB iPod may come Wednesday.

LSU means network

After getting my laptop and iPod stolen last week, I almost forgot about an experience I had earlier that day. While waiting for troops to gather for a meeting, I was watching a display of random search queries being made on a popular search engine. Among the list of truly random stuff people were looking [...]

Fire Les Miles

How is it that Leslie will try to score with two minutes left to go in the first half against Vandy (up 9-3) but he won”t try to score with two minutes left to go in the game against Tennessee (tied at 24)? Did Leslie get smarter in the past two weeks? Did he decide [...]

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