Fire Les Miles

Seriously. Fire him now. Better to cut bait, suck up a payout and dump this incompetent loser before he drags LSU down to the Curley Hallman level a couple of years from now.

Monday”s embarrassment against Tennessee, coming on the heels of one of LSU”s most embarrassing wins ever at Arizona State, is all the proof I need of Miles” incompetence.

This was not a story of “we blew a 21-point lead”. We were only ever in the game because Tennessee started Erik Ainge and their receivers didn”t catch anything in the first half. Starting Ainge was Phil Fulmer”s bad decision. The rest of the stupid stuff came from Miles and his staff.

Where was our offense? JaMarcus Russell is a passing quarterback, yet we attempted only 28 throws and gained only 158 yards in the air. Joseph Addai had a good game running the ball, but when the defense knows you”re not going to put the ball in the air, your running game can”t sustain you. We had exactly one pass play go for more than 25 yards – a 47-yard play on our one and only real offensive drive – yet we have a strong corps of big, fast receivers.

And the defense proved to be as confused and outcoached as they were against Arizona State. Again, only the presence of Ainge saved this from being a Tennessee blowout. Our defensive backs can cover people, but our defense is totally vulnerable to audibles, as Rick Clausen very aptly demonstrated. We stopped nothing after Clausen came in.

On both sides of the ball, we are incompetent. And beyond the obvious, there are seriously bad signs about the program.

Our players – the ones who practice in Louisiana heat and humidity – were the ones cramping up, not Tennessee”s. And that started early in the second half. Where”s the conditioning program?

We jumped offside at least a half-dozen times. Where”s the discipline?

The capper, though, was Miles” decision to sit on the ball in a tie game with two minutes to go. Hey coach, they call it a “two minute drill” for a reason. If you have an offense that you don”t think can move the ball, then you need a new offense.

And don”t try to blame the coordinators. This is the exact same crap that happened at Arizona State, and the big man has to accept responsibility – and change things.

This may, however, be a lot to ask of a man who is stupid enough to think he can wear his little Madonna-style headset in Tiger Stadium:

Just a couple of plays into the game, Miles had switched to a normal headset:

I mean, how smart can this guy be?

I”m not upset that we lost. I did not believe the top-5 hype this year. We”ve got a lot of talent, but they”re young. And I expected a rough transition to a new coach, but I didn”t expect Curley Hallman.

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