Dear AP football voters

Those among you who saw fit to vote Virginia Tech ahead of LSU (Va. Tech jumped to 3, pushing LSU to 4) a day after LSU should have played No. 10 Tennessee but couldn”t because of Hurricane Rita are complete asshats.

Sure, Va. Tech ripping apart Georgia Tech was impressive, and yes, the Hokies have played 4 games to LSU”s 1, but not holding the rankings steady until LSU can play Tennessee tomorrow night is just unethical.

On what basis does LSU deserve fewer total points in this week”s poll? Because we made Tennessee”s players cry at the thought that they might have to fly down to Baton Rouge on Saturday?

Are you punishing LSU for having it”s season opener postponed; it”s supposed second home game moved to Arizona and its would-be third home game pushed to Monday because of hurricanes? Or is your built-in anti-LSU bias coming back after a few weeks of Katrina sympathy?

LSU will show tomorrow night whether it deserves it”s top-5 ranking. If we lose, we”ll drop. But now if we win, we”ll have dropped a position in your poll anyway. Do you really think there”s a chance LSU will re-pass Va. Tech if we roll Tennessee up 51-7?

But in the end, your AP poll doesn”t matter much, anyway. We play for the BCS in Baton Rouge, so those are the polls that matter.

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