A Katrina angle for you …

OK, how about this for a topic that I care about and hasn”t been covered much: destruction of historic sites.

In New Orleans, early reports are that most of the “historic” parts of the city (at least in the minds of tourists – there”s some damned fine “historic” places in Mid-City, Lakeview, etc. that nobody but locals know about but are likely gone) are more or less OK, but I”m sure there will be some losses uncovered down the road.

But over in Mississippi, the destruction to irreplaceable historic sites is clear. The Mississippi Heritage Trust does a good job of detailing the destruction:

Katrina damage in Miss.

I think the most sickening thing is the 1856 Tullis Toledano house in Biloxi that was flattened by a casino barge that was thrown ashore. A fucking slot-machine boat smashing down a 150-year-old historic home.

The casino barge notwithstanding, only God is to blame for the destruction in Mississippi. No levees that were poorly-built caused their problems. Just a big damned storm. But just the same, the state lost a whole lot that simply can”t be replaced.

If you”ve ever driven down the beach in Mississippi and marveled at the beautiful homes and huge oaks right on the coast (and wondered how the hell that can happen), that”s mostly gone now.

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