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Fire Les Miles

Seriously. Fire him now. Better to cut bait, suck up a payout and dump this incompetent loser before he drags LSU down to the Curley Hallman level a couple of years from now. Monday”s embarrassment against Tennessee, coming on the heels of one of LSU”s most embarrassing wins ever at Arizona State, is all the [...]

Murder at the Superdome? Not so much

The Times-Picayune (the New Orleans daily, not the near-worthless Spanish coin) is reporting today that tales of murder, rape and rampant violence at the Superdome and Convention Center were apparently just not true. The National Guard sent a refrigerated tractor-trailer to the Dome expecting to retrieve 200 bodies. They found 6 (four died of natural [...]

Dear AP football voters

Those among you who saw fit to vote Virginia Tech ahead of LSU (Va. Tech jumped to 3, pushing LSU to 4) a day after LSU should have played No. 10 Tennessee but couldn”t because of Hurricane Rita are complete asshats. Sure, Va. Tech ripping apart Georgia Tech was impressive, and yes, the Hokies have [...]

A Katrina angle for you …

OK, how about this for a topic that I care about and hasn”t been covered much: destruction of historic sites. In New Orleans, early reports are that most of the “historic” parts of the city (at least in the minds of tourists – there”s some damned fine “historic” places in Mid-City, Lakeview, etc. that nobody [...]

Katrina – by request

The week-long Wisdom outage has been driven as much by my inability to focus on one aspect of post-Katrina implications as it has been by traveling to the west coast. So anybody got any part of the puzzle you”d like to see some Wisdom on?

My Lunch with MRE

The wife and I spent a few hours yesterday helping out at a Katrina relief center here in Atlanta. I had a cushy job in the men”s clothing area until a special need arose – an evacuee staying up the road at a Holiday Inn (with 18 family members) had a flat tire. I vounteered [...]

To B.R. and back

I discovered over Labor Day that there”s no more helpless feeling than to be stuck in the middle of Tennessee when friends and family in Louisiana are working to put their lives back together. And knowing the burden Baton Rouge is under – more “displaced Americans” than Houston with far less press attention – the [...]

The first sign New Orleans is getting back to normal

Seen on CNN today – Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour doing a French Quarter standup (talking about the devastation, etc.) when a blonde tranny in fishnet stockings rides by behind them.

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