The hardest thing

The aftermath of Katrina is horrible beyond imagination. The storm has forever changed New Orleans; turned all of its residents into refugees and destroyed their livelihoods. The city”s future is uncertain, and the same can be said for Slidell, Gulfport and Biloxi.

It”s personal to me, of course. But the scope of the tragedy is truly staggering.

Yet most people around me here in Atlanta seem unaffected, unmoved. Friends, of course, are sympathetic, but too many people are just going about life as normal.

I can”t stomach hearing the guy at the desk behind me talking today about how the guy who won Survivor lives next door to his brother. I hate seeing a group of people laughing and chatting about the ridiculous things people involve themselves with.

In the wake of September 11, everybody took pause and put aside their stupid little concerns. I feel today like I did then, but apparently I”m in the minority.

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