And he was doing so well in NCAA Football 2006 …

I”ve been talking in the real world about how I hate having high expectations for LSU Football. Pre-season rankings as high as No. 6, consensus to win the SEC West, FoxSports talking about us in the Rose Bowl and all that.

If I”ve learned anything about LSU sports, it”s that high expectations usually mean a letdown. Our greatest moments – the 2003 National Championship, Dale Brown”s Final Fours, even many of our baseball titles – tend to come when we”re projected to be good, but not great.

So maybe it”s a good thing that Alley Broussard is gone for the season with a knee injury.

At least that”s what I”m telling myself.

No doubt, losing Alley is a big deal. That boy is a hoss and, yes, he”s kicking ass for me on the PS2. But we are deep at running back, with Justin Vincent – who, if you don”t remember, was the MVP of the BCS Title game and SEC Championship game a couple of years ago, Shyrone Carey and Joseph Addai all back this year as well.

And you never know when a freshman like R.J. Jackson or Antonio Robinson might step up early.

So maybe we”ll smash down those expecations a bit now. And maybe that”ll be a good thing.

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