The Dan Band: A review

[editor"s note: For those of you who don"t already know who the hell Cap"n Ken is or what the hell he does for a living, putting together where he is this week and the fact that he saw The Dan Band Monday night may help you compile some info. If you"re somewhat smart ...]

Those of you who are fans of the movie Old School may know about The Dan Band. They were the wedding band playing a very inappropriate version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and later a rendition of Kenny Rogers” “Lady”.

And, it seems, “Dan” has decided he should try to parlay his movie success into a career as a novelty live act.

When I saw Old School, I was left wishing they”d included the entire Total Eclipse performance in the movie. And after seeing The Dan Band in person, I was left wishing Old School had included the entire Total Eclipse performance in the movie.

Simply put, The Dan Band is like the world”s most honed and prepared karaoke act. Stupid renditions of “Mickey”, “Nasty Boys”, etc., made me think that if I got TYB and TCL together and worked out a karaoke act, we could pull in some decent change as a value-add to local bar karaoke nights. Yes, it was that bad. And pathetic.

So pathetic, in fact, that I stuck around for only about 45 minutes despite free-flowing Jack Daniel”s (which bartenders here think is “bourbon”).

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