Potential pitfalls of online gym class

OK, I”m not going to put down on the notion of public schools offering gym classes online. If the point is to get kids working out, it”s probably better to let them do it on their own and make sure their parents vouch for them having sweated.

I would like, however, to bring up some potential pitfalls based upon my own experiences in high-school gym:

1) It”ll be harder to motivate the weak little skinny kid when you can”t force the entire class to repeat the sit-up routine when he fails to complete 10 of them.

2) Kids will have to develop another way to learn how to cope with public b.o. than enduring a 3rd-period gym class in Louisiana – in May.

3) How will tomorrow”s children ever learn how to pole vault?

4) Kids will have to find other ways to release frustrations toward annoying classmates when they can no longer simply aim for their heads during soccer.

5) Many rainy-day discoveries – such as the fact that relatively small classmates will, in fact, fit into the big clothes dryer in the wrestling room – may go unfound.

6) If driver”s ed is no longer taught by the baseball coach in lieu of six weeks of gym class, students may learn more about driving than about proper baseball-field turf maintenance.

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