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The hardest thing

The aftermath of Katrina is horrible beyond imagination. The storm has forever changed New Orleans; turned all of its residents into refugees and destroyed their livelihoods. The city”s future is uncertain, and the same can be said for Slidell, Gulfport and Biloxi. It”s personal to me, of course. But the scope of the tragedy is [...]

The Superdome shelter

I cannot let the story of Hurricane Katrina pass without noting the impact of our bullshit “homeland security” hysteria on the situation. When the evacuation of New Orleans was announced, the city established the Superdome as a shelter “of last resort”. Anybody who couldn”t get themselves out of town – namely the poor and some [...]

The $40 Million Football Game

How much would a Good Old Boy Tennessee fan with more money than sense pay to see a football game? Apparently – $40 million. The story below is from the Knoxville paper. Please note that I am stealing their content and publishing it illegally on The Wisdom. I am doing this because the newspaper is [...]

"Friends" in high places for LSU?

Among the 114 – yes, 114 – members of the Harris Poll voting panel (which is replacing the AP poll in the BCS) is none other than everybody”s favorite hated former LSU Football Coach Gerry DiNardo: Harris Poll Names Panel. So does Gerry still have that restaurant off Highland Road? I guess we”ll see how [...]

CNN’s tow-truck threat

I saw this today on American Morning and had to share (thanks, EyeTV!). The setup: Miles O”Brien is talking to some official from Crawford, Texas about the mess caused by protesters around President Bush”s ranch; why they”re relocating that crazy woman who”s son was killed in Iraq and all that. The official is talking about [...]

And he was doing so well in NCAA Football 2006 …

I”ve been talking in the real world about how I hate having high expectations for LSU Football. Pre-season rankings as high as No. 6, consensus to win the SEC West, FoxSports talking about us in the Rose Bowl and all that. If I”ve learned anything about LSU sports, it”s that high expectations usually mean a [...]

Let’s call it football season

I figure Aug. 12 is as good a day as any to declare football season to be in effect. And in that spirit, I present a fine example of the school spirit in Athens, GA. From The Day Jobs

The Dan Band: A review

[editor"s note: For those of you who don"t already know who the hell Cap"n Ken is or what the hell he does for a living, putting together where he is this week and the fact that he saw The Dan Band Monday night may help you compile some info. If you"re somewhat smart ...] Those [...]

If you were an automotive engineer

Greetings from San Jose. Imagine yourself, for a moment, as an automotive engineer. If you were tasked with figuring out where to put the switches to open and close the car”s windows, where might you put them? See if you can think of ten places you would suggest. Please do not consider whether the potential [...]

Note to the media, especially the fast-sinking CNN

The fact that all the passengers and crew of that Air France plane survived their plane skidding off the runway is not a “miracle”. No, this isn”t an anti-Jesus rant. This is an anti-media rant. Or, more specifically, an anti-CNN rant. That network is obsessed with the Air France story, calling it a “miracle flight” [...]

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