A duct tape party gone awry, perhaps?

From The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning – an autopsy has shown that an LSU student found dead in his apartment with “strips of duct tape on his head” died of asphyxiation.

Now, the story doesn”t say to what part of his head the aforementioned duct tape was affixed, but I think it”s safe to assume that it included the parts of the head through which one breathes.

What I love about this story is how The Advocate treats the cops” statements about the potential circumstances of his death:

Police spokesman Sgt. Don Kelly said that, while detectives have not ruled out the possibility of homicide, there are other possibilities for the death.

And that”s all the story says about it.

I have no doubt that crack Advocate reporter Mark F. Bonner asked Sgt. Kelly a question along the lines of “what might those other possibilities be?”, yet no other possibility is mentioned in the story. Nor does the story say the cops would not elaborate on those possibilities.

That, given my experience with Baton Rouge and The Advocate, leads me to believe police may think the death involved acts of a sexual nature.

Baton Rouge, you see, is a pretty conservative place – at least by Louisiana standards. And The Advocate has a long and proud tradition of dancing around the reporting of unsavory things such as bizarre sexual practices.

Of course, if I lived near the kid”s apartment (and at one point I did live about a block away from there), I”d want to know if I should be on the lookout for a duct tape killer, and if the police have a good reason to think I shouldn”t, I”d like to know that, too.

But for The Advocate, apparently, it”s more important to not offend the old ladies out in Bocage than it is to report details of a mysterious death.

Not surprising, of course. I just thought I”d mention it.

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