A funny thing happened on the way to irrelevance …

Just over a month ago, I wrote a bland little piece noting that CNN was casting off Bill Hemmer and Jack Cafferty from American Morning [editor:s note: as predicted, the show now sucks dog].

Nobody seemed to care, which is fine. It was just a vent.

But then, about two weeks after Hemmer left, The Wisdom began getting a lot of Googled traffic for “Bill Hemmer” (smart URL naming can do that …). And then one day, one of these visitors left a comment …

Now that little nothing of a piece has become a sounding board for people pissed off at CNN for ruining one of their two really good shows (Anderson Cooper 360 being the other). There”s 88 comments there right now, and several are still added each day.

Anyway, interesting how this stuff spreads.

- original Hemmer piece.

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