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Meanwhile, the five ex-Tigers remained tearless

Too good to pass up: At practice Tuesday, Miami Dolphins” rookie defensive tackle Manuel Wright broke down in tears after getting a stern talking-to from head coach Nick Saban (you Tiger fans may remember Mr. Saban). This would be a fun story regardless of the kicker: Manuel “Weepy” Wright is a rookie out of none [...]

Coolest space shuttle video ever

With the Space Shuttle – the AMC Pacer of orbital vehicles – blasting off today, I decided to capture NASA TV”s coverage of the event. Cool stuff. As many of you may remember, the last time NASA sent a shuttle up, it didn”t come back – at least not in one piece. The Columbia disaster [...]

The ’07 Santa Fe

Real-world pals of The Cap”n & Wife know we dig our Hyundai Santa Fe. Great truck, great price. And next year, Hyundai is upsizing and upgrading the Santa Fe. Photos of the new Fe are starting to come out, and I like what I see. But there”s a problem. The new Santa Fe is not [...]

Oh listen to the little children – they’re rejoicing!

Congress has reached a compromise deal that will extend daylight-saving time in what is questionably being thought of as a way to save energy. Yeah, whatever. It means a month more of after-work sunshine, which is all fine by me. But I love this quote from Sen. Fred Upton on the fact that Halloween will [...]

A duct tape party gone awry, perhaps?

From The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning – an autopsy has shown that an LSU student found dead in his apartment with “strips of duct tape on his head” died of asphyxiation. Now, the story doesn”t say to what part of his head the aforementioned duct tape was [...]

From the ‘none of you will care’ department

I like Peter Case”s blog, partly because I dig Peter Case and partly because he writes good and interesting stuff. Peter Case, since you probably don”t know, was/is the driving force behind The Plimsouls (remember the movie Valley Girl? Punko Nick Case took the VG to a “punk” club – the band playing was The [...]

Who the fuck are you?

Ah, thank God for the Parents Television Council. While people such as Sir Bob Geldof and Bono have wasted their time and money campaigning for aid to the poor in Africa, the PTC has taken steps to address the much more serious issue of the word “fuck” being aired on national television – again! The [...]

Happy Bastille Day!

One of the peculiarities of growing up in Louisiana is that I know when (and moreover, what) Bastille Day is. And since escaping moving away from Louisiana, I”ve learned that most of the rest of America has no idea what or when Bastille Day is. It”s kind of like how I was surprised to find [...]

A funny thing happened on the way to irrelevance …

Just over a month ago, I wrote a bland little piece noting that CNN was casting off Bill Hemmer and Jack Cafferty from American Morning [editor:s note: as predicted, the show now sucks dog]. Nobody seemed to care, which is fine. It was just a vent. But then, about two weeks after Hemmer left, The [...]

On the London bombings

Real quick, because this isn”t hard to understand: In the wake of today”s subway bombings in London, CNN is focusing on how this attack could happen when England is supposedly so well-prepared for terrorism and what U.S. cities are doing to improve transit security. The fact is – you can”t stop this kind of thing. [...]

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