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Finally! – a use for Botox among the wrinkle-free

Are you itching to get on the Botox Bandwagon, but are just so naturally wrinkle-free that you don”t see the point in injecting your face with Botulinum Toxin? Well, things are looking up. The Botox people are now peddling their nerve-killer as a treatment for severe underarm sweating. If your pits are moist enough to [...]

More thoughts on XM Radio

It”s interesting to me that once again I”m out in L.A. with an XM-equipped rental car (another Pontiac G6 – again, not bad for an American sedan, but why would anybody buy an American sedan?), but once again I chose to listen to local L.A. talk instead of tuning in to XM. Of course, I”m [...]


I dig technology. That”s no secret. But employing technology to solve a problem – just because the technology exists – when there”s a simple, logical, low-tech solution available is just stupid. For example, if the wife asks me if it”s raining, I”m not going to fire up the Mac Mini and pull up the Doppler [...]

The Cap’ns Business Wisdom

My minting yesterday of “The Coffee-mate Principle” in relation to Jack FM makes this a good time to review the Wisdom of Cap”n Ken”s Business Principles. All of you up-and-comers in the world of business pay attention, now. – The Mail Machine Principle: Do not reveal your ability to perform a task unless you are [...]

A participatory post

Crawling The Wisdom logs this week, I noticed this entry (sorry to shrink it – click on the image for fullsize if you”re near blind or something): A couple of things to note here: 1) If you”re not up on the structure of search engine query URLs and site logs, the green line in this [...]

Jack FM

So commercial radio is all abuzz over Jack FM, which Wired says represents a rare bold idea in the horribly boring and useless commercial music radio industry. What constitues a “bold idea” in this industry? Actually attempting to play a decent variety of music. Jack stations compare themselves to “an iPod on shuffle” as they [...]

Bye, Bill Hemmer

CNN is shaking up American Morning (one of the very few shows that gets realtime viewing in The Wisdom Household), bringing Miles O”Brien in to co-host with Soledad O”Brien, upping the O”Brien Factor by twofold. On the way out is not only the fabulously crotchety Jack Cafferty but also the almost-cool, always entertaining Bill Hemmer. [...]

But how did she handle it when her Sam’s manager screwed her out of overtime pay?

Say you”re a college student. Say you”re not getting such good grades. Say this makes your mom unhappy and she stops paying your tuition. What do you do? Hmm. Maybe run off to Kentucky without telling anybody and get a job at Sam”s Club? Fantastic. The ultimate “fuck you” to parents who are giving you [...]

Fired in Cartersville

I love this bit – discovered at Metroblogging Atlanta: Some jackass “writer” at a paper in Cartersville is lifting columns – sometimes shockingly in whole – from a Miami Herald columnist, and the columnist is none too happy about it. The description of the theft is worth reading just for the sheer boldness of it, [...]

Help – I’ve hit the ceiling of my tech-geek abilities

As I”ve alluded to previously, I”m somewhat obsessed with the hot new thing of hacking Google Maps. Seeing what”s been done with Craigslist and the like, I started thinking about what else one might data-ize and slap in a Google Map. My great idea? Sex offenders! I mean, what could be more topical and useful [...]

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