Question for the father of Brennan Hawkins

The parents of the kid who went missing (and turned up alive yesterday) out in Utah were live on CNN this afternoon talking about the ordeal. And the dad laid out what he told Brennan after he was found alive (love that DVR):

“You know what, Brennan? Heavenly Father has taken care of you. And your prayers, and our prayers and everybody”s prayers have brought us back together.”

Then he summed up his beliefs about Brennan”s ordeal:

“We do believe that God had his hand in everything that took place and transpired. I think as a world we need to understand that there is a God. I think we need to be rooted in these fundamental principles that the Savior taught of love and of service.”

So my question for Brennan”s dad is if God had his hand in everything that helped bring Brennan home alive, what”s been His hangup in delivering Garrett Bardsley (missing for almost a year in the Utah wilderness) back to his family, or Natalee Holloway back to her folks down in Aruba? Hell, there are prayer vigils going on in Aruba all the time for her.

Did the Heavenly Father cast off Natalee because she left a bar with three guys she didn”t know? Did that little Garrett boy kill kittens or something?

Just curious.

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