Finally! – a use for Botox among the wrinkle-free

Are you itching to get on the Botox Bandwagon, but are just so naturally wrinkle-free that you don”t see the point in injecting your face with Botulinum Toxin?

Well, things are looking up. The Botox people are now peddling their nerve-killer as a treatment for severe underarm sweating. If your pits are moist enough to “affect your daily activities”, your salvation may rest in killing those nasty nerves that dare allow your body”s perspiration to come out under your arms.

This miracle treatment comes with just a 3% – 10% chance of injection-site pain and bleeding, non-underarm sweating, infection, inflammation of the throat, flu syndrome, headache, fever, neck or back pain, itching, and anxiety.

There”s no word on whether you can direct your “non-underarm sweating” to a specific other part of your body – say your ears – but I suppose it”s possible if you shoot up your entire body except for the parts you want sweat to come out of.

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