A participatory post

Crawling The Wisdom logs this week, I noticed this entry (sorry to shrink it – click on the image for fullsize if you”re near blind or something):

A couple of things to note here:

1) If you”re not up on the structure of search engine query URLs and site logs, the green line in this entry is telling us this person searched for “Big words that you wish you knew” at Yahoo to find The Wisdom.

2) The top part tells us the person making this query did so from a public library in Johnson City, Tennessee.

My mock gland is overheating here. Big words somebody in Tennessee (who apparently has to go to the library to get online) wishes they knew? Sweet Jesus.

I could go on and on suggesting things like “orthodontics” and “genetic diversity”, but I”ll throw this one out to you, loyal Wisdom readers.

Have at it.

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