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I’m full

After a few months of work, I”ve managed to finally fill up my 40GB iPod. That little puppy is chock-full-o- music now so, in the spirit of full disclosure, I give you the rundown of artists in The Cap”n”s iPod. I dare you – DARE you – to take issue with artists in my iPod. [...]

Question for the father of Brennan Hawkins

The parents of the kid who went missing (and turned up alive yesterday) out in Utah were live on CNN this afternoon talking about the ordeal. And the dad laid out what he told Brennan after he was found alive (love that DVR): “You know what, Brennan? Heavenly Father has taken care of you. And [...]

Why is Jessica shaking her ass at me?

Maybe I”m wrong, but I don”t want Jessica Simpson to shake her ass at me. She does this with abandon in her These Boots Are Made For Walking video (keep it playing until she washes the General Lee – and, no, that”s not a euphemism). To the extent – which is not much – that [...]

More on ’30 Days’

For all of you – which is apparently none of you – who were enthralled by my instant analysis of Morgan Spurlock”s 30 Days, you might want to check out a more detailed analysis of the economic fallacies of his “minimum wage” experiment at econopundit. Going beyond The Cap”n”s simplistic look at how much the [...]

Question …

When you see a young, stylish black woman in Atlanta driving a brand-new Tony Stewart Special Edition Chevy Monte Carlo, is it more likely: a) She”s a big NASCAR fan b) There was a hell of a sale on that ugly-ass car ?

Zero, my hero

So I was cruising the Coke aisle at the all-new non-Ghetto Kroger on Saturday when I noticed something new – Coca-Cola Zero. I pondered the likely difference between the un-caloried Zero, regular Diet Coke and Diet Coke with Splenda (let”s not drag Tab into this) when I noticed the Coke guy wheeling in a pallet [...]

Father’s Day

I”ve been working on a piece I was going to publish today about my father. But the piece I wrote, while engaging and beautifully-written, just ended up being too personal of a thing to publish here. Still, I wanted to use this Father”s Day to free the story of my dad from the ambiguous half-truth [...]

Morgan Spurlock’s ’30 Days’

I just finished watching the premiere episode of Morgan Spurlock”s 30 Days. and feel compelled to spew some Wisdom. If you don”t know, 30 Days is Spurlock”s TV follow-up to Super Size Me. The concept is for someone to spend a month in an unfamiliar situation. The debut episode followed Morgan and his girlfriend – [...]

OK, this is a little scary …

The wife and I have a healthy dose of beach-house fever. We know where we”d like to buy; we know the kind of place we”re looking for – and if we shed some of our Atlanta properties, we might just be able to swing it. So yesterday the wife sent me a listing she found. [...]

Katie Holmes ‘embracing’ removal from Cap’n Ken’s list of desirable women

Katie Holmes embracing Scientology

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