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I’m sure Hasbro will rush this into production

Somebody”s created an imaginary version of Monopoly based on blogging. It”s somewhat clever, but mostly just reminded me of the ill-fated harbinger that was Monopoly – The .com Edition. If you don”t remember the .com Monopoly game, it was released at the height of .com mania in late 2000. I own a copy (unopened) that [...]

Faux accessories for your faux-sophisticated self

The former owner of our house got catalogs from an outfit called Frontgate, which apparently specializes in helping newly-rich people feel like they”re from old-money families. The catalogs kept coming to the house after we moved in, and I have to admit – I bought something from them. What I bought is actually pretty cool, [...]

Coffee-mate Half and Half: A Rant

So Coffee-mate has started making actual half and half in addition to their standard line of fake creamers. To the makers of Coffee-mate, I say – simply – fuck you. For the past 45 years, you”ve worked tirelessly to replace pure dairy half and half with that hideous concoction of “corn syrup solids” you created [...]

OK, Sonny – get to work

I suppose it should be seen as progress that Ga. Governor Sonny Perdue actually took a few days to think about whether he should sign the state”s new anti-smoking bill because – as he said – he”s worried about government becoming “the end-all and be-all nanny for all people”. He signed the law, of course. [...]


OK, three Firefox crashes (and three subsequent rewrites) later … my very funny and insightful piece on what CNN considers to be “Top Stories” in their newish RSS feeds is going to get boiled down to this: Report: Is Jennifer Garner pregnant? is not a “Top Story”. Stupid Mozilla Foundation.

Fast-track laws

Is anybody out there in Wisdomland a little troubled by the speed at which Florida”s legislature and Gov. Jeb whipped out the Jessica Lunsford Act? It”s not that I think child molesters deserve a break or anything (chemical castration, anyone?), but it seems that creating new laws should involve a more deliberative process than going [...]


If you”re cool – really cool – you know about Woot!. And if you”re super-cool, you get the daily Woot! delivered to you in RSS. Anyway, while the fabulous bargains are the main attraction of Woot!, a close second is the great writing they put to their product descriptions. Witness their description of today”s Woot! [...]

Nice work, AJC

All of you who live in Atlanta know how bad the AJC sucks. Highly agendized and seemingly incapable of finding actual news, it may be the worst big-city paper in the country. The bad thing is that rarely do Atlantans get a glimpse of just how useless the rag actually is. But there”s a great [...]

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