Out at The EARL

I caught a triple-bill of Atlanta rock Friday at The EARL – The Woggles, Catfight and The Cogburns.


- The Cogburns: Decent, fun rock, but fellas (and gal) … don”t end your sets with a cover, even if it is Dash Rip Rock”s [correction: not written by DRR. Thanks, Glenn] fabulous “Pussywhipped”. It makes you look needy.

- Catfight: Ladies, you gotta work a bit on the stage show. You make the promise of an anti-Josie, so tighten things up and deliver on it. You”ve been together too long to be so lacking in stage presence.

- The Woggles: Keep up the good work. Ain”t nothing like a Woggles set. An hour and five minutes of all-out rock goodness. And I guess “The Professor” of The Woggles is going to keep working hard to separate that character from “Mighty Manfred” of Sirius” Underground Garage. So be it.

Invariably, a Woggles set brings out Atlanta-based operatives of the Southern Surf Syndicate, which always brings me down a bit as a reminder of the death – two years ago now – of my pal and yall.com cohort Scott Rogers. But rather than dwell on the loss of probably the world”s only master surf guitarist/web designer/Bama football nut/Gulf War veteran/polite Southern Gentleman, I”d just like to point out that Scott has the coolest headstone ever:

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