Note to Hyundai re: Sirius vs. XM

Sure, many of the whopping 400 customers you surveyed said they were “not comfortable” with having Howard Stern”s show lurking deep within their satellite radio system.

But that doesn”t change the fact that XM”s programming absolutely sucks compared to Sirius”.
And if your company actually makes decisions this big based on feedback of some number (it has to be less than 400) of zealots who are “not comfortable” with Howard Stern, I guess maybe we should look for these features in future Hyundai models:

• No more leather seats (I guarantee you there are more than 400 people “not comfortable” with killing cows to make our asses happy).
• No more cigarette lighter, to please the people who are “not comfortable” with smoking.
• An engine governor to please the people who are “not comfortable” with people driving more than 70 MPH.

And I guess we should look for blocks on terrestrial radio stations that carry shock jocks in the future, too?
As a current Hyundai owner (2003 Santa Fe – with an aftermarket Sirius, thank you very much), this kind of thinking will make you have to work just a bit harder now to get me to buy another Hyundai.

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