Fast-track laws

Is anybody out there in Wisdomland a little troubled by the speed at which Florida”s legislature and Gov. Jeb whipped out the Jessica Lunsford Act?
It”s not that I think child molesters deserve a break or anything (chemical castration, anyone?), but it seems that creating new laws should involve a more deliberative process than going from dead girl in a trailer to GPS devices on sex offenders in about a month.

And following on the heels of the Terri Schiavo law – when went from Christian concept to federal law in about 8 minutes – it appears that legislative bodies are becoming very willing to rush laws into effect based on the public”s whim.
Laws, after all, are the ultimate ruler of all of us. “Rule of Law” and all that, you know. And before our lawmakers slap some new rules on us, I”d just like them to think a little bit more about it.
I”m guess we”re just lucky the Georgia Legislature isn”t in session, or we”d be getting the “Jennifer Wilbanks Act” requiring all prospective brides to be fitted with a GPS device when they apply for a marriage license.

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