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NEW! Camel Short-n-Squats

CNN has been giving play this morning to a story slugged Cigarette makers targeted women which contains the shocking fact that tobacco companies “designed cigarettes to appeal to women”s desires to be thin and healthy.” This strategy led to the development of “slim” smokes as well as emphasis on “light” brands in the hopes of [...]

Because I love you all so much …

Not only have I painstakingly recreated the unique and fabulous “Hatch” look of The Wisdom for those of you (me) who prefer a cool design, but I”ve also enabled those of you (everyone else) who”d rather have a more boring look for your Wisdom to choose one of four other, more standard, designs. In the [...]

Update – Back

Most of (the several of) you probably missed The Wisdom outage today. Long story short – somehow The Wisdom database got hosed. Fortunately, I was able to salvage and rebuild all my entries. Unfortunately my super-cool Hatch Show Print-based design is kaput for now, and I don”t feel like working on it right now. So [...]

We made the Athlon cover – AGAIN!

In my mind, football season starts when the pre-season “annuals” from Athlon and Lindy”s come out. And that time is drawing near. And for the 37th year in a row, LSU has made the Athlon cover! You know, there was a time – as a young, innocent boy on the bayou – that I actually [...]

Good news, bad news

Good News: My Google Web Accelerator says it”s saved me 1.0 hours so far. Bad News: I”ve wasted at least 10 hours mucking around with Google Maps hacks during that time.

Robert E. Lee High Class of 1985 reunion

So it turns out the Lee High Class of “85 is having a 20-year reunion, after all. OK, so that appears to be Lee High in Huntsville, Alabama, not Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But I imagine they have some pretty good losers in their graduating class, too, so it might be fun to hit that reunion. [...]

Of course, Jesus hates you – or at least your kickers

Bobby Bowden, head football coach at the Florida State College For Women, is on a Crusade to make saving boys for Jesus a more acceptable aspect of major college football. Of course, we all know Bowden has had tremendous success instilling solid Chrisian values in all of his players. Here”s hoping Bobby B can help [...]

Excuse me while I pass out

PlayStation 3 [editor"s note: The Cap"n is demonstrating remarkable restraint by not finding a "reason" be be in L.A. this week for "work" (read: E3)]

Out at The EARL

I caught a triple-bill of Atlanta rock Friday at The EARL – The Woggles, Catfight and The Cogburns. Briefly: – The Cogburns: Decent, fun rock, but fellas (and gal) … don”t end your sets with a cover, even if it is Dash Rip Rock”s [correction: not written by DRR. Thanks, Glenn] fabulous “Pussywhipped”. It makes [...]

Note to Hyundai re: Sirius vs. XM

Sure, many of the whopping 400 customers you surveyed said they were “not comfortable” with having Howard Stern”s show lurking deep within their satellite radio system. But that doesn”t change the fact that XM”s programming absolutely sucks compared to Sirius”. And if your company actually makes decisions this big based on feedback of some number [...]

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