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Root down – continued

I don”t look to make The Wisdom a sounding board for my personal life (I prefer to set the standard for online commentary about weighty issues of the day – that or writing about my Mac Mini), but for those of you closely following The Cap”n”s adventures in dentistry … I went back in yesterday [...]

Imaginary Tiger Woods video clip

Turns out I”m not clever enough to be able to take a DVRed snippet of Tiger Woods” chip-in on the 16th hole yesterday and edit it together with Chapter 27 from my Caddyshack DVD using iMovie to create a re-cut scene where Ty tells Tiger “If you miss it, we lose”, Al Czervik bets Judge [...]

Of course, Adolf Hitler High across town stopped being "The Genocidics" years ago

My buddy Scott (among others) sent me an article from The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) yesterday reporting that my own alma mater is changing mascots. Yes, Robert E. Lee High School will no longer be the Rebels. Starting next year, they”ll be the “Patriots”. Now, I really don”t give [...]

I’m not my father, dammit! … well, unless I can make money pretending to be.

I watched the debut of the world”s newest “celebrity” reality show – Knievel”s Wild Ride – last night. The show follows motorbike daredevil Robbie Knievel (and, of course, his “zany” crew) around as he does jumps at such prestigious locales as a Dodge dealership in New Jersey. Robbie, of course, is the son of the [...]

For when the 250GB fills up

Two terabytes of data storage via Firewire that would sit fairly nicely (6.3 in x 3.4 in x 10.6 in) behind the Mac Mini. And all for the low price of $2,300.

Dear CNN:

For the past two weeks, you”ve shown me nothing but your stakeouts of deathbeds and an endless series of people talking about the dying (and ultimately the dead). It”s really a shame you”ve wasted all the good work you”ve done in reviving your network over the past year or so. During that time, you”d turned [...]

What goes around …

… comes around to be a root canal after all. I spoke too soon about being out of pain yesterday. Sometime mid-day, while my infection had faded away, I started to get this pain in my least-favorite molar. All of a sudden, it was sensitive to the touch and I could actually wiggle it (just [...]

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