Stephen King, music thief

So I guess the RIAA will be dispatching a team of lawyers to sue horrormaster Stephen King for illegal music distribution.

In his latest Entertainment Weekly column, King proudly admits to downloading (presumably legally) and then redistributing music to friends are relatives:

“I”ve made close to 40 CDs for friends and relatives in the 18 months or so since I discovered this spendid toy [downloading music], and I don”t consider a moment of the time wasted.”

King goes on lament not having the time or resources to freely (and illegally) distribute his favorite tunes to the world:

… here”s the CD I”d send you this spring if I had your address. The bad news is I don”t have your address – or a gazillion blank CDs, for that matter …”

His good news is that we can all download the songs he lists ourselves. And his recommendations will probably help move some 0s and 1s from iTunes and other digital music stores.

But that doesn”t make his nearly 40 acts of unauthorized copyrighted music distribution any less illegal. The RIAA and music industry have been clear that even if the availability of illegal music leads to the kind of discovery and ultimate purchase of more music King is trying to foster, it”s still wrong, it”s still illegal and they will still sue you over it.

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