Best moment of the NFL Draft

Yeah, it was fun watching Aaron Rodgers slip (and slip … and slip … and slip), and as an SEC homer I liked seeing Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams going 2/5 (and Marcus Spears at 20 … and 10 SEC guys in the first round), but the absolute coolest thing of the day was Matt Jones getting picked at 21 as a wide receiver.

If you don”t know who Matt Jones is, then you”re not an SEC fan (and I pity you for that). Jones was a quarterback at Arkansas, and he had to be the most exciting player in the SEC over the past few years. He”s a 6″6″ white boy who was more dangerous being chased out of the pocket than he was throwing the ball. Turns out Matt runs a 4.37 40. I knew he was fast, but Jesus.

So knowing he didn”t have the arm to be an NFL QB, he decided to give it a shot at wide receiver. Of course, he hadn”t played the position since his junior year in high school. But his speed and – apparently – ability as a receiver got him picked ahead of most of the actual receivers in the draft: Marks Clayton and Bradley of Oklahoma; Reggie Brown and Fred Gibson from Georgia and 47 other guys who actually played wide receiver in college. Only three receivers, in fact, were picked ahead of Jones.

Did I mention this kid isn”t actually a wide receiver?

Maybe Jacksonville is just stupid or overly dazzled by Jones” speed, but it”s still the coolest story of the day.

One other note on the draft: When Alex Smith was made the No. 1 overall pick by San Francisco, his alma mater – Utah – joined the list of schools which have produced a No. 1 overall pick in both the NFL and NBA drafts. A dozen schools have now done so.

Four schools have produced a No. 1 overall pick in the NFL and MLB drafts, and one has produced a No. 1 overall pick in the NBA and MLB drafts.

But can you name the only school that has produced a No. 1 overall draft pick in the NFL, NBA and MLB drafts?

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